Dirty floors be darned!

I finally figured out how to keep my vinyl and wood floors clean!! I live in an old home who has had wood flooring for probably fifteen years. We added vinyl around the beginning of spring and ever since I can not keep my floor or my one year old clean! It just seemed to accumulate dirt after dirt after dirt. I swept and mopped and mopped and mopped and could never get it cleaned. Mopping floors isn’t normally something that a person should obsess over but it became an obsession to me. I developed OCD with it. Well, I finally found a way to get it clean and I’m going to share it with you all in hopes that I’m not the only one out there in the world that has had this problem.

It’s called “slop mop” and I know the name alone sounds like something gross. But, trust me it works. I stumbled upon this in my long exhausting search to get clean floors. And it does work. Now quick disclaimer: Make sure your mop is clean. I recommend a string self ringing mop that doesn’t require hands or has a sponge to soak up dirt!

I use two buckets, but if you have a sink or tub that you usually use then that’s absolutely fine. When I lived in my first apartment I used the tub for all my floor cleaning duties.

First ( if you use the bucket idea) take the buckets and fill one up with your mopping solution. Then you get the other bucket out and that’s it. Then take your clean mop and dip it down into the cleaning solution..

DO NOT WRING OUT THE MOP. This is where the “slop” part of “slop mop” comes in. You don’t wring out the mop rather let it drip for a second or two and then just plainly slop it on the floor.

Now this next step is important.. Only swipe the mop around 3-4 times. This allows the solution to spread and the dirt to begin to soak into the soap. Any more than 3-4 times and you’re just going to be swashing the dirty water around back onto the floor.

Next, take the mop to the empty bucket. Wring your mop out. Make sure it’s completely wrung out and return the mop back to floor and swipe another 3-4 times. Then repeat until you have mopped up all the soap off the floor.

Now return it to bucket number one. Repeat the slop and wring until you mop the entire floor. Trust me, no more dirt sticking to the floor and no more insanity about keeping your floors clean!

I’m interested to see who else has had this issue and I’m really interested in seeing how many others out there try this method and it work so feel free to leave comments or other tricks you have to keeping floors spotless!


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